Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What are QuSomes?

What are QuSomes?

QuSomes are a lipid-based delivery system that is substantially more stable and versatile than conventional technologies. Liposomes have been customary in the research of skincare and personal care products, but with the advent and extensive testing of QuSomes, the performance bar has been set higher for more effective skin care products. QuSomes overcome the limitations of traditional liposomes and provide a range of benefits including:
Greatly increased permeation through better encapsulation
Eliminated irritation even when used at its optimized dosage
Prolonged release due to greater concentration and
extended residence time in dermis and epidermis
Protection against metabolic degradation
Reduced systemic absorption

QuSomes are spontaneously formed when water is dded, therefore it is easier to encapsulate a greater amount of active ingredients for the skin compared to conventional technologies. They provide a whiter, non-sticky, odorless product for better topical applications. QuSomes improve the performance, penetration and efficancy of products.

Products featuring QuSomes:

Skin Essentials Firming Serum
Skin Essentials Daily Moisturizer
Skin Essentials Hand and Body Lotion

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