Saturday, February 14, 2009

Botana-E: For a Healthy Heart and Body


The "hearty" supplement

Heart disease is the number one killer in the United States and a top contender in other countries. Vitamin E is known to protect and strengthen the heart and blood vessels, modify and stabilize blood fats, enhance circulation, protect the nervous system, and support the skin, eyes and liver.

The Botana-E formula is the best protection money can buy with two caplets containing:
  • Vitamin E from many natural d-alpha sources, which are more bioavailable, in a unique food base.
  • 400 IU of Vitamin E per dosage. Studies indicate that Vitamin E's greatest health benefits are realized through a daily intake of 400 IU - an amount very difficult to obtain in the average diet.
  • A full spectrum of tocopherols - Vitamin E has several different "family" members, and Symmetry Direct includes a full spectrum to assure that you get all the protection Vitamin E can provide.
  • Tocotrienols - "cousins" of the tocopherols, which also have unique health-promoting benefits

Suggested Use: Take one to two caplets daily as a dietary supplement.

Supplement Facts

Serving size: 2 caplets
Servings per container: 30

Amount per serving

% Daily Value

Vitamin E (as d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate with mixed natural d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma- and d-delta-tocopherols, and tocotrienols) 400 IU 1330
Natural food base: alfalfa (Medicago Sativa) herb, Soybean (Glycinemax) Sunflower (Helian thus annuus) seed and wheat germ (Triticum aestivum) 25 mg *
DeltaZorb™ (proprietary patented blend of herbal extracts)† 2.5mg *

Other ingredients: dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, tricalcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, silica, calcium silicate, magnesium stearate, and pharmaceutical glaze.

* Daily value not established.
†DeltaZorb™ is a trademark of Symmetry Corporation, and is protected by U.S. patents.

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