Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Symmetry President/Founder - Rudy Revak - 2009 Welcome Message

Happy New Year!!

Rudy Revak - Symmetry Founder and President
When he started Symmetry, Rudy had a vision. Part of it was to make available to people a product
line that would help them reach their full physical potential. For years he had studied and used nutritional supplements, and believed that good nutrition could make a positive impact on a person's energy and health, and on their life. He wanted to help make it possible for everyone to
reap these benefits.

But that wasn't the entire vision. Rudy's primary goal was to create a vehicle which could help
thousands of people to grow, develop and reach their own financial goals. As one of the founding
fathers of the direct sales industry, he has known and worked with many of the giants in direct sales.
He has pulled together a team of these pioneers to form the core of his new business, and in the
process, has created an opportunity unlike any other today.

Here is his 2009 message to the field wishing us a prosperous and happy new year! :)

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